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The FEDERAL GLOBAL FASHION VALUE CHAIN OF AFRICA is a registered Not-for-Profit Organization (240-048 NPO) in South Africa, established under the Non-profit Organization Act of 1997 as a politically independent entity, with a core purpose and ambition to:

​Decolonize: Break free from the lingering effects of colonialism and create a new, independent economic identity for Africa.
Protect: Safeguard the continent's resources, culture, and environment from exploitation and degradation.
Build: Establish a strong, unified, competitive single economy and market that drives sustainable growth and development.
Achieve Inclusive Growth: Ensure economic growth is equitable, sustainable, and benefits all Africans, with a focus on social, environmental, and economic dimensions.
Increase Global Manufacturing Output: Boost Africa's contribution to global manufacturing from 1.9% to a more significant share, creating jobs, wealth, and economic stability through Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, a Comprehensive Pan-African Fashion Value Chain integration and Industrialization.

Empower: Provide a united global political voice for all stakeholders of the fashion value chain and marginalized groups, including youth, women, small enterprises, agricultural, mining, and manufacturing left-behinds.

Membership: Assembly:

  • Chairperson: AU or AU's Development Agency Representative

  • Vice-Chair: Private Sector Representative

  • Treasurer: Financial Institution or Development Partner Representative

  • Non-Elected Permanent Members:

  • Technical Committee Chairs (Academia, Research, Industry Experts, etc.)


  • President

  • Senior Vice-President

  • Finance Vice-President

  • Policy and Advocacy Vice-President

  • Industrial Development Vice-President

  • Social Justice Vice-President

  • Economic Justice Vice-President

  • Environmental Justice Vice-President

  • Regional Commissioners and their Youth Deputies

Advisory Council:

  • Regional Government Ministries and Agencies Representatives

  • Traditional Leaders

  • Development Partners and Donor Agencies

Important Notice: Membership is for stakeholders, not individuals.



The Federal GFVC AFRICA is an uncompromisingly politically independent continental ecosystem and the global voice of 55 member states and eight regional economic communities recognized by the African Union. It was inspired by a visionary South African woman, namely Ms. Ntombikayise Patricia Nkosi, who began working on the concept in 2016 with a clear mission: to bring Africa together to establish an ecosystem of fashion that accelerates innovation across the value chain, small enterprises, regional communities, and countries. This ecosystem will exploit the untapped opportunities presented by the industrialization of the fashion ecosystem, including agriculture, mining, technology, film, and manufacturing.

The Federal GFVC Africa is unwavering in its commitment to defeat youth unemployment and rural poverty through the full industrialization development of the fashion value chain. It is determined to address the continent's structural inequality challenge and provide a global political voice that enables and gives voice to youth and women, regardless of their socio-economic strata, rural-urban divides, race, gender, ability, and age groups. It is also relentlessly focused on empowering black rural manufacturing, mining, and agricultural "left-behinds" and small enterprises.

The organization is driven by its common vision of building a high-road industrial future economy that unites, transforms, and improves the welfare and well-being of Africans while respecting its ecological limits. It is wholly dedicated to achieving this vision through partnerships, economic integration, and industry and people advancement to maximize industry 4.0 and circular economy benefits for all.



The Federal GFVC Africa Assembly, as the supreme decision-making body, and the Commission of GFVC Africa, which implements decisions and policies, play vital roles in our Organization's governance.

The Commission's Role
The Commission proactively champions GFVC AFRICA's interests and initiates necessary actions. It operates under the 56 member Countries' GFVC AFRICA ASSEMBLY, exercising coordinating, executive, and management functions, including:

  • Executing the budget

  • Managing programs

  • Governance Framework​

The governance and management of our Organization are prescribed in the Act of GFVC AFRICA. The Constitutive Act is the sole reference and source of power and responsibilities within the Organization, setting out:

  • Objectives

  • Organs and bodies

  • Leadership responsibilities

  • Constitutional Supremacy

The Constitutive Act is supreme and binding. No person shall repeal or alter its provisions or prevent its application subject to penalties provided for in the Act.



The GFVC AFRICA shall have an institutional framework which shall aim to:

  • promote its values,

  • advance its objectives,

  • serve its interests, those of communities and Member Regions, States, and Municipalities.

ensure the consistency, effectiveness and continuity of its policies and actions.

The Institutions of the GFVC AFRICA shall be:

  1. The Members Assembly of the GFVC AFRICA - GFVC AFRICA ASSEMBLY.

  2. The Commission of the GFVC AFRICA - (Secretariat).

    • Regional Commission Member and Council 

    • Country Coordinators/National Offices and their Council: 

    • Municipal Offices and their Council: 

    • International Policy and Advocacy Agencies

    • The High-Road Growth Finance Institution of the GFVC AFRICA

  3. Independent Auditors of the GFVC AFRICA.

Each institution shall act within the limits of the powers conferred on it in the Constitution and in conformity with its procedures and conditions. The institutions shall practice mutual, sincere cooperation.
The commissioners will decide the terms of reference for the Commission's service departments. The departments shall interact with any functional department regarding issues within their jurisdiction.


The business of the GFVC AFRICA shall be, to develop a single, smart manufacturing global fashion value chain economy that....


The flag of GFVC Africa is composed of two overlapping circles in grey, silver, emerald, and white against a shadow grey and white background.

  • A circle of stars represents the ideals of unity, solidarity, and harmony, along with the rich qualities of the African continent in the context of fashion value chain development. At the centre of this circle of stars is the 4th Industrial Revolution wheel, representing our position in maximizing manufacturing advancement opportunities and benefits for all communities, leading to shared growth.

  • Next is a globe with a borderless connected map of Africa positioned at its centre, representing the last frontier in the global economy. We focus on integrating the Pan-African smart global fashion value chain into the globe for joint research, knowledge transfer, and trade.

  • The two overlapping circles' intersection or infinity symbol represents the Earth's connection to all that is sacred, signifying our commitment to a new beginning in building a prosperous Africa for all.

  • Below the symbol or on the right of the symbol, is the full name of the organization with GFVC letters highlighted in either white, grey, or emerald.

 - concept and design: by the founder of the organization

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