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Mr. M Gcabo

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President of the Commission

South Africa


Hon. PD Bani

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Senior Vice-President



HRH. Princess T Dlamini

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Dr. V Munyama

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South Africa

Background Overview

The guiding principle of GFVC AFRICA ECOSYSTEM is its sustainable future economic model, which underpins our approach to unlocking the full potential of the entire value chain. This approach ensures a resilient and sustainable future for all. The Commission comprises various departments, each headed by a Commissioner responsible for developing policies in specific areas. This structure enables a focused and effective approach to driving growth and development across Africa. The President leads the Commission, providing strategic direction and oversight to all departments and service departments. This ensures a cohesive and coordinated approach to achieving our vision and goals.




Executive Leadership of the Commission

The GFVC AFRICA Commission is led by a dynamic and experienced executive leadership team, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the value chain. This team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to drive the Commission's vision and strategy.


The Executive Leadership Team:

  • President: Mr. Gcabo (-elected by the Assembly for a 5-year term)

  • Senior Vice-President: Honorable Bani [(appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Finance Vice-President: Dr Munyama (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Policy and Advocacy Vice-President: HRH Princess T Dlamini (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Industrial Development Vice-President (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Social Justice Vice-President (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Economic Justice Vice-President (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • Environmental Justice Vice-President (appointed for a 5-year term)

  • 20 Regional Commissioners: (nominated by regions and appointed by the President for a 5-year term)

  • 20 Regional Youth Deputy Commissioners (nominated and appointed by regions for a 5-year term)

  • Secretary-General and Youth Secretary-General of Commission (appointed for a 5-year term by permanent members of the Assembly)


Supporting the Executive Leadership Team:

  • Administrative and Financial Support Staff: A team of experienced professionals providing administrative and financial support to the Commission.

  • Value Chain Technical Experts: A team of experts providing technical guidance and support to the Commission.


Leadership Structure:

The Commission's leadership structure is designed to ensure effective governance, strategic direction, and operational efficiency. The President leads the Commission, supported by the Senior Vice-President, Finance Vice-President, and Divisional Vice-Presidents. The Regional Commissioners and their youth deputies provide regional representation and support.

Local Impact through Collaborative Structure

To achieve our vision and drive meaningful impact at the local level, The ecosystem's comprehensive and inclusive structure brings together governments, the private sector, industry associations, financial institutions, development partners, academia, research institutions, traditional leaders, and other stakeholders to drive growth and development across Africa to work seamlessly towards a common goal. This structure comprises various departments and bodies that collaborate to develop policies, provide technical expertise, and support implementation at continental, regional, national, and municipal levels.

Key Components of the Structure:

  1. The GFVC AFRICA Assembly (Governing Board): Our governing body, is responsible for strategic direction and oversight. Nominates members of the Commission in agreement with the President and his office (5-year term)

  2. The Pan-African Commission (Secretariat): Our secretariat, provides administrative and technical support.

  3. Regional, National, and Municipal Structures: Our regional, national, and municipal offices, work closely with local stakeholders.

  4. Regional Commission Member Structure: Our regional commission members, represent their respective regions.

  5. Country Coordinators/National Offices: Our country coordinators and national offices, implement programs and policies at the national level.

  6. Municipal Offices: Our municipal offices, work directly with local communities and stakeholders.

  7. International Policy and Advocacy Agencies


This collaborative structure enables us to harness the expertise and resources of our stakeholders, ensuring a coordinated and effective approach to driving growth and development across Africa.



The GFVC Africa Commission is divided into departments called Directorates-General (DGs), also referred to as Policy Departments,  responsible for various policy areas aligned with the GFVC Africa vision. Each department is headed by a Director General, who is accountable to a Commissioner responsible for the respective policy area. The DGs are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing GFVC Africa's policies, laws, and funding for its flagship programs. Additionally, service departments, comprising the Secretariat and Administrative Offices, handle specific administrative issues and manage programs established by the Commission, ensuring effective support and coordination across the organization.




The GFVC AFRICA Commission is primarily based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the initiative was established.

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