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Mr. M Gcabo

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President of the Commission


Hon. PD Bani

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Senior Vice-President


HRH. Princess T Dlamini

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Mr. V Munyama

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Background Overview

The sustainable future economic model of the GFVC AFRICA guides us. We are well positioned to approach the chain with depth and breadth. We unlock their full value and future potential to ensure a resilient and sustainable future. To that end, the Commission is divided into departments that develop policies for specific areas and each department is headed by a commissioner. Overall, the Commission, its departments and their service departments work under the leadership of the President.



The Commission is steered by a college of 31 Commissioners from the 8 RECs and are led by the President of the GFVC AFRICA Commission. Together they take decisions on the Commission's political and strategic direction.


There will be three/four (3/4) Commissioners appointed per Region, but the members are bound by their oath of office to represent the general interest of the GFVC AFRICA Vision as a whole rather than that of their Region and Home State. The Commission President (currently Mr Gcabo), is proposed and elected by the Assembly for a 5-year term. The Council of the GFVC AFRICA Assembly (Regional government representatives and traditional leaders) will then nominate the other members of the Commission from the GFVC AFRICA REC membership in agreement with the current President and his office for the same term. The President of the Commission selects and appoints his/her Vice-Presidents for a 5-year term from the appointed college of Commissioners. The Secretary-General of the Commission is proposed and elected by Permanent members for a 5-year term.  

Whilst the planned eight-member composition is in its developmental phase, changes can be expected under President Michael Gcabo in cooperation with member regions' council. 



The Commission is divided into departments known as Directorates-Generals (DGs), which are responsible for different policy areas. Each department is headed by a Director General who is responsible to a Commissioner. The DGs develop, implement and manage The GFVC AFRICA policy, law and funding programmes. In addition, service departments deal with particular administrative issues and manage programmes set-up by the Commission.




The GFVC AFRICA Commission is primarily based in Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa where the initiative was established.

Regional, National, and International Offices

Post the 1st Edition of the annual SMART GFVC AFRICA SUMMIT, there will be established such other regional and national offices of the GFVC AFRICA clusters as the Assembly may, on the recommendation of the Commission, determine, and this includes international facilities that support its integration and cooperation globally.

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