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GFVC AFRICA is an organization established by Ntombikayise P. Nkosi, a visionary Swazi woman born in South Africa. She was inspired by InnerWorkings, a Chicago-based company with which she has a history, as well as the founders of the African Union and several figures from China and the United States. Her mission is clear and focused. In September 2016, she devised an innovative and ambitious concept to establish a politically independent, fully integrated ecosystem that would accelerate innovation at scale across the value chain, small enterprises, and the 8 RECs. This ecosystem would unlock the untapped potential of the Agricultural, Mining, Technology, Film, and Manufacturing industries presented by the industrialization of the fashion ecosystem.

Ms Nkosi's bold GFVC AFRICA ECOSYSTEM framework will be implemented and monitored by the executive pillar of the organization to transform the entire industry and inspire future generations through a revolution of innovation and growth. GFVC AFRICA is determined to overcome Africa's underdevelopment status, youth unemployment, and rural poverty. 

Its journey began in 2016 as a component of the social enterprise Siander Holdings Pty. Ltd. However, the South African government did not recognize Companies as social enterprises, leading to its current positioning and registration as a stand-alone NPO and public benefit entity. This move ensured the success of the model's business and allowed GFVC AFRICA to forge ahead with confidence in its mission.

Siander Holdings Pty. Ltd. relinquished its directorship rights from the GFVC AFRICA NPC to the concept founder after consulting with an international policy development agency in preparation for the initiative's launch in 2017. However, due to the principles that govern compact initiatives, the Summit was postponed until further notice.

Between August 2017 and 2018, Ms Nkosi focused on finalizing the GFVC AFRICA concept and framework before inviting independent volunteers to serve as directors of the Nonprofit Company and office bearers of the new Nonprofit Organization. All materials mentioned above and on this website were finalized by Ms Nkosi and introduced to the GFVC AFRICA office bearers in 2018, including their initiatives, followed by the Nonprofit Company's application for the name change of Directors.


Ntombikayise P Nkosi

Founder. Secretary General


Skills: Strategic Planning, Ecosystems Management, Team Management, Project Management, Meetings Planning (trained) - 8 yrs. experience. Interior Design - 12 yrs. experience at Zen Interiors. Former Senior Sales Exec at Innerworkings (inwk) SA. SH & GFVCAFRICA.ORG Founder.


Ms Nkosi expresses gratitude to God for entrusting her with an ambitious vision to build, drive, and share its continuous development and benefits with the Rainbow Nation of Africa. She is thankful for the unwavering faith that kept her going despite the trials and obstacles. Along the way, she is grateful to the motivators, advocates of democracy, and technocrats who provided pillars of strength and support.


As we embark on the long journey ahead, the Assembly of the GFVC AFRICA recognizes the following leaders of change and community for their invaluable contribution towards its 2024 launch:

A. 2016 - 2022

B. 2017 - 2017

C. 2017 - 2019

D. 2019 - present

E. 2019 - present

F. 2019 - present

G. 2019 - Feb 2020

H. 2019 - 2019

I. 2019 - present

J. 2019 - 2019

K. 2019 - 2019

Mr. Kai Schilski from Germany and Mr. Victor Munyama, a senior economist from SA  - for their unwavering support and motivation;

Mr. Lungilo Lose and Mr. Ayanda Hola from SA: for the Summit' Marketing and Communication Document Development.

Mr. Emanuel Fernando Zeferino from Angola, engineer from the Tswane University of Technology: on the Summit' PJM support and Non-Profit organ's formalization and development support;

Ms. Bonny Mackay, Senior Manager at Cell-C, Permanent member of the GFVC AFRICA Assembly for responding positively to the call and task at hand.

Prince NZ Dlamini, permanent member of the GFVC AFRICA Assembly and members of the Royal Family of eSwatini - for their unwavering support towards the Vision.

Chief Phaahla from Limpopo, on land and the GFVC AFRICA industrialization programme support.

Honorable Sisa Njikelana from SA: for the founder' mentorship and general planning contribution on the board's development;

Mr. Donald Pillai and Leslie Becker from SA: on the Summit' capacity building and general support;

Dr. Oyedekun Oyewole founder of IMM Africa from Nigeria - for his partnership, board development and general support;

PNEUMA academy of excellence - the late Mixalis for his general support;

Ms. Malika Kodja and Dr Hein from SA' TIZIRI: for their support on the Summit.

and lastly, Tswane University of Technology' Engineering Department and Vaal University of Technology' Science Faculty on the 2017/2019 MoU signing and general support.

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