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The GFVC Africa Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of Goodman Nkosi as its Youth Secretary-General, effective June 1, 2024. In this critical role, Goodman will lead the regional youth commissioners and play a vital part in driving the commission's mission to empower Africa's youth, women, and marginalized communities in the mining and agricultural sectors.

Goodman brings a wealth of experience and passion to this role, having worked extensively with youth organizations and initiatives across South Africa. His youth development, leadership, and advocacy expertise make him an ideal candidate to drive the commission's youth agenda.

As Youth Secretary-General, Goodman will be responsible for providing strategic leadership to the regional youth commissioners, developing and implementing programs to promote youth entrepreneurship and innovation, fostering partnerships with youth organizations and stakeholders across Africa, advocating for policies and initiatives that support youth development and empowerment, and overseeing the commission's youth-focused initiatives and projects with the Commissioners and Smart GFVC Africa's support

In essence, Goodman's role is to lead the empowerment of youth, drive economic growth, and develop the fashion value chain across Africa, while also managing the office's budget and leading the election process of regional youth deputy commissioners.

The Secretary-General of the GFVC AFRICA COMMISSION welcomed Goodman, stating: "We are delighted to have Goodman on board. His appointment demonstrates our commitment to empowering Africa's youth and ensuring they play a central role in shaping the continent's future. Under his leadership, we are confident that our regional youth commissioners will thrive and make a meaningful impact in their respective regions."

Goodman commented: "I am honored to serve as the Youth Secretary-General of the GFVC Africa Commission. I look forward to working with the regional youth commissioners and stakeholders to create opportunities for Africa's youth to succeed and contribute to the Continent's sustainable development."


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